Snowcreek I, II, III, IV

Snowcreek I-IV Condos For Sale Mammoth Lakes, CA

The Snowcreek Resort and Golf Course is one of Mammoths most visited attractions. During the spring and summer months the Snowcreek area blossoms into a beautiful paradise. The nearby condominiums are highly sought after as vacation homes and rentals. View the Snowcreek Condos for sale below:

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Snowcreek I, II, III Condo Real Estate

The three first phases of the Snowcreek Condominiums are located off Snowcreek Road along the Mammoth Meadow Preserve with convenient access to shuttle bus service up the mountain. The Preserve features a creek along with a number of walking trails and a variety of wildlife and natural scenery. The first phase (Snowcreek I) is located close to Minaret Road and consists of 107 units that were built in 1979.


The second phase, Snowcreek II Condos, is positioned between phases I & II with 123 total units which were built in 1981. The third phase (Snowcreek III) was the last to be built in at this location (The other Snowcreek condos, IV and V were built at a separate location).


Snowcreek III Condos feature 138 units and were built in 1984. The phase III condos are located on the side of the complex nearest to Majestic Pines Road which features access to a bike trail. Among potential home buyers the Snowcreek III Condos are some of the most desirable as they are located right next to the Mammoth Meadow Preserve with a creek and some gorgeous views right outside the back door. The Sherwin Mountains are also in view from these units along with the Mammoth Meadow Preserve. None of the Snowcreek condos of phases I-III have garages however there are nearby private garages that are occasionally on the market.


Snowcreek IV Condo Real Estate

The fourth phase of Snowcreek, the Snowcreek IV Condos are located off Old Mammoth Road and feature 138 units built in 1988. Snowcreek IV condos are situated on the other side of the Mammoth Meadow Preserve from phases one, two and three. The complex features amazing views of the Mammoth Mountain ski area and its layout is somewhat unique. Along the perimeter of the complex the units are mostly larger with more open townhome style floorplans with attached two car garages. The units located along the interior of the complex are condo style floorplans without garages. The interior units tend to make better vacation rentals as potential renters aren’t looking to house a vehicle while on vacation and they wont want to pay for extra space that they don’t need. The nearby Snowcreek Athletic Club is also a nice little perk to living at the Snowcreek IV condos and could be considered a perk for athletically inclined renters.


We often work with folks looking to get away in Mammoth. The peaceful small town vibe that permeates throughout town makes visitors feel welcome and serine. The area around Snowcreek Golf Course and Resort is well groomed and accents the amazing views of nearby mountains. The nearby condos are sought after by home buyers, vacation rental companies and vacationers alike. If you’re interested in purchasing a Snowcreek condo unit give me a call. There are other nearby options as well, if you need help finding the right Mammoth condo for sale, don’t hesitate to contact me. Maybe I can save you some time and a headache.


The image above shows the creek and natural scenery of the Mammoth Meadow Preserve which is located just outside of several Snowcreek Condos.


Many of the floor plans feature large bedrooms like this one. The layouts of Snowcreek condominiums and townhomes allow for a lot of natural light as seen here.


Another view of the outside of the Snowcreek Condos complex. Units like these often go on the market and rent quite well as part of the Snowcreek Condo Rental Program.


A lot of the Snowcreek Condos for sale come fully furnished with decks and views of the meadows and mountains like the living room seen above.


Again the image above shows how much natural light plays a role in these units being so highly sought after by home owners and vacation rental buyers.


Almost all of the units at these townhomes feature a lot of wood accents on the interior. This style goes very well with the cabin feel that permeates most of the real estate in Mammoth.


Another bright, wide open floor plan with natural wood accents.


Many of the units here also feature very nice kitchens which come with appliances installed when you buy. They also often have bar seating. Unfortunately a lot of the units have not been updated to granite counter tops and feature tiles like those seen in the image above. That’s great news if you’re in the market for a vacation rental, but not as great if you’re looking to move in and want nicer counter tops.


The grounds are very well kept with several paths leading in and out of the Mammoth Meadows Preserve as well as bike paths to the rest of Mammoth.


Here we have another great example of the living room of a Snowcreek Condo in Mammoth Lakes, California.


Some units feature lofts which can make a smaller unit feel so much larger with extra living space.


Several of the units feature amazing views. However some units are like this one with trees blocking the sight. However, during the hot summer months these obstructions to your view turn into welcoming shade.


And finally we have a view of the Sherwin Mountains through some of the tree tops of the Mammoth Meadows Preserve as seen from the back steps of a Snowcreek Condo. If you’re interested in learning more about finding a Snowcreek Condo for sale please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m more than willing to answer any and all of your questions and help you along your way to buying the unit that’s right for you. We also have a lot of listings for condos at Snowcreek V and we’re available to answer any questions you might have about either complex.