Mammoth Lakes Winter Transit

What I love about Mammoth Lakes is that you really don’t need to own a car to live here; especially during the winter where everything is so close.  And what makes this possible is the FREE shuttle service that zigzags… Read more

And all I wanted was a Pugsley….

About two years I was in Moab, Utah for a week doing some fantastic mountain biking.  One of the days there we were at the famous Slick Rock area doing one of the standard biking loops.  It was then that… Read more

Lake Mary Forest Service Cabins

I had the unique opportunity to show property this last week on one of the US Forest Service cabins that are for sale within the Mammoth Lakes Basin.  Typically this would be the sort of property that would be shown… Read more

Lonely Planet’s Top 10 Destinations for 2013

…that’s right folks; the Eastern Sierra just ranked #6 on Lonely Planet’s top 10 US travel destinations for 2013!!!  Here you can read the article in full, but in summary, the author references our fantastic proximity to Yosemite National park,… Read more

Mammoth Mountain Versus California

For those of you that know me, I love numbers, charts, graphs, spreadsheets, etc. And what is even more fun is when someone can put the numbers to work to show how Mammoth Mountain is dominating in terms of snow… Read more

What a Day!!!

So yesterday the weather report kept saying “less than one inch of accumulation” for both Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning.  Meanwhile I was watching the snow accumulate on my deck and continue to get taller and taller.  Finally by late… Read more

Shadow Inventory

Have you been hearing about the elusive shadow inventory? Have you heard this term before? Does a shadow inventory even really exist? I decided to Google the phrase to see what would come up and one of the first link… Read more

Avoid Real Estate Scams

Top Ten Signs You Are Being Scammed Mortgage fraud is on the rise. Be alert to any individuals or companies that: Want money up front for mortgage assistance Offer to fill out paperwork for you Claim to be doing a… Read more

Biking in the Eastern Sierra

For those of you looking for an adventure while vacationing in Mammoth Lakes, a bike ride might be just the thing. With hundreds of trails, stretches of well-paved roads, newly installed bike paths, and the largest downhill bike park in… Read more

Gracie US Nationals PRESS RELEASE

The Gracie US Nationals Return to TheFitExpo™, January 19-20  At the Los Angeles Convention Center   (Los Angeles, Calif…December 11, 2012) Jiu-Jitsu and Grappling tournaments will be front and center as The Gracie US Nationals return for their sixth year to… Read more