Horizons 4 Condo for Sale!

CURRENTLY THE LOWEST PRICED 1-BEDROOM + LOFT ACTIVE LISTING! Conveniently located in town near Eagle Lodge shuttle stop, Sierra Star Golf Course, Mammoth Meadow & Creek, and the shopping district. Light furnishings, TV, VCR and stereo provide for a comfortable… Read more

A 3% Interest Rate Increase Can Cost You Nearly $300 a Month!

When it comes time to buying home, whether it be a primary residence, a vacation home, or strictly an investment property, nobody wants to buy at the peak.  But with all the instability that we’ve recently seen in the housing… Read more

Mammoth Mountain Gondola Unlinked

Mammoth Mountain has blown it again! Yesterday Mammoth Mountain posted on their Facebook page this blurb and photo: “In light of today’s snow and an anxiously awaited powder day ahead, we want to let you know about a change in… Read more

Mammoth Mountain’s Night of Lights 2012

Saturday, December 22, 2012   This is probably my favorite event that the mountain hosts every year. The event began almost 20 years ago.  The basic premise of it all is to celebrate the magic of the holiday season.  The… Read more

A History of Interest Rates

This picture is a great visual of the amazing opportunities that buyers have nationwide right now.  I was only 4 years old when interest rates hit that all time high of 18.45%, but I can’t even imagine.  I know from… Read more

First Snow in Mammoth Lakes!!!

Today (October 22, 2012) we finally got our first real snow in the town of Mammoth Lakes!  Today also happens to be my Sheppard’s 7thbirthday.  Yep, that’s right folks….for those of you who know my favorite grumpy bitch, well she… Read more

Being an Efficient Homeowner

In the age of being “green”, saving our planet is a hot topic and a lifestyle that many have adopted into their everyday routine.  Whether the motivation is saving money or saving energy, there are literally thousands of easy choices… Read more

Mammoth All Weather Shuttle

Need a ride?  Looking for reliable and professional transportation?  Well there is now the perfect solution here in Mammoth Lakes!  MAMMOTH ALL WEATHER SHUTTLE   MAWS is a service offering pleasurable transportation both in and around the Mammoth Lakes area.  Whether… Read more

Zike Bike Here I Come…

Ok, so this may look like just some new version of a kids scooter….but I am here to tell you that this “Zike Bike” (as I like to call it) is fun, fun, fun…..and I’m gonna get one!!! The picture… Read more

To Play or to Work?

….why not do both?  What I sincerely love about my lifestyle living here in Mammoth Lakes is the ability to make almost each and every day a work day, as well as a play day.  I’m blessed that I have… Read more