Is Mammoth Having an Identity Crisis?

MMSA logo - old

Okay, let’s go back to the beginning.   Well maybe not the very beginning, but ever since I started skiing Mammoth Mountain Ski Area ( this was the logo.  In fact, I can remember as a kid buying a florescent blue corduroy baseball hat that had this exact logo in florescent pink on the front.  It was pretty sick!  …or back then I think I would have said that it was pretty rad!  But nonetheless, that was the Mammoth Mountain logo and that is what we all knew….Woolly shredding some skis!

MMSA logo - snowboarder

Well then sometime in the late 90’s I believe, along came a modified logo or imagery of Woolly shredding on a snowboard.  I get it!  I too, just like Woolly, sometimes head out on my sticks, and other times (pow days especially) I’m out there on my snowboard.  So with the exception of the few grouchy ol’ timers that think there is still a skiers vs. snowboarders war going on, I don’t think most blinked an eye seeing a snowboarder version of the traditional logo floating around on stickers, t-shirts, hats, etc.  

MMSA logo - new

Well then about a decade ago I remember Mammoth Mountain came out with this new logo.

What is it many people ask?

Scroll to the bottom of this page to view how Mammoth Mountain describes it:

I can remember there being a lot of talk about this logo when it first launched.  A local rumor had it that mammoth contracted out an outside marketing firm and spent close to a quarter million dollars to come up with the new image.  I knew talented local designers that would have probably done it for free, and would have done it with passion too!  Regardless, after several decades, mammoth launched their new logo.


But now a days this is what we see everywhere!  It’s what the mammoth crown logostickers look like, most of the clothing apparel, the website main page, and on a lot of ads.  But then gift cards, gondolas, and some marketing material has the other.  I guess one can say that they are going for a diversified marketing approach in their strategy to appeal to a wide variety of audiences.

Personally I don’t have issue with either logo, as I like them both.  But if I did have to choose, I’d always point right back at Woolly getting his ski on!  That’s the Mammoth I fell in love with and what I’ll always remember. 

Written by Eric Leach / 800-921-6520 /

Article Name
Is Mammoth Having an Identity Crisis?
Okay, let’s go back to the beginning. Well maybe not the very beginning, but ever since I started skiing Mammoth Mountain Ski Area ( this was the logo.

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  1. Jeff says:

    Interesting read Eric. When I started skiing Mammoth this was the logo… pre-wooly

    I think Wooly came in the early 60’s

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